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Larcenies, Burglaries and B & E

Larceny, burglary, and breaking and entering charges — while all sharing similar criteria— each come with a different set of penalties. For those faced with one of these criminal charges, enlisting the help of a professional legal defense helps ensure that your case is given the proper analysis and classification, potentially lessening or eliminating charges in the process.

At Hill Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have over 37 years of experience defending clients across eastern North Carolina. If you’re facing a criminal charge for breaking and entering, burglary, or larceny, then we’re here to help.

Breaking and entering

While general breaking and entering is categorized as a Class I misdemeanor, breaking and entering with the intent of harm or theft is a Class H felony. Additionally, there can be separate charges for breaking in and breaking out of a property. Since breaking and entering does not always come with the intent of theft, and burglary does not always come with the intention of breaking and entering, the two are classified differently.

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When charged with burglary, there are two degrees most offenders face:

  • First degree: when an individual breaks into a property with the intent to steal while someone else is physically on the property
  • Second degree: when an individual breaks into a property with intent to steal, but no one is physically on the property at the time.

While breaking and entering and burglary have similar conditions, each case comes down to specific situational details — which is why it’s crucial for individuals facing these charges to have a professional defense counsel on their side.


Oftentimes, larceny and theft are used interchangeably. A larceny charge occurs when an individual deprives someone of their property. Similar to burglary and breaking and entering, larceny charges come with several degrees of severity.

Larcenies are separated based on misdemeanor and felony charges, which often depend on each state’s laws. In North Carolina, each break down as follows:

  • Misdemeanor: it can be proven that the accused individual took someone else’s property, knowing it wasn’t their own, with no intention of returning it
  • Felony: the same criteria as a misdemeanor, but the stolen goods are over $1,000 in value, include a firearm, were taken from an employer, or meet a handful of other specific circumstances.
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North Carolina larceny, burglary, and breaking and entering attorneys

Each of these criminal charges share similar circumstances, but some charges —like first degree burglary and felony larceny — carry a far more serious sentence than their counterparts. At Hill Law Firm, our defense attorneys will carefully evaluate your case, using prior experience with similar cases to ensure you have a fair trial and a legal professional working in your best interests. Initial consultations with our attorneys are offered free of charge.

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