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Violent Crime, Homicide, and Other Felonies

In charges of homicide and violent crime, there is a threat of violence, harm, or the intent to kill. Due to the serious nature of these crimes, they carry significant penalties, and those charged face jail time, steep fines, and the loss of certain privileges.

Even violent crime allegations can affect your future, both socially and professionally, while convictions have the potential to fully derail goals and life plans. At Hill Law Firm, our attorneys have over 37 years of experience defending against violent crime charges across eastern North Carolina. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a fair trial and a qualified defense working towards the best possible outcome.

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Types of violent crimes

Each state has their own classification of violent crimes. In North Carolina, common violent crime charges include:

  • Assault and battery: some of the most common violent crime charges and include anything from intimidation to violent attacks
  • Domestic violence: physical or mental abuse committed in a relationship or family
  • Extortion: blackmail or coercion done under the threat of violence
  • Use or possession of firearms: crimes committed while using a firearm or having one on your person
  • Homicide and murder: intentionally harming or killing another individual
  • Robbery: using force or threats to take someone else’s property

Additionally, non-violent crimes can be elevated to violent crimes depending on the circumstances under which they occur — for example, coercing someone into signing a legal document while holding them at gunpoint.

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Severity of violent crime and homicide charges

In many cases, the severity of the punishment for a violent crime depends on the level of harm caused. Additionally, if the offender was using or had possession of a firearm or the crime was inflicted upon a woman, child, or vulnerable person or specific group, the sentence may be harsher or the charges elevated.

In courts across eastern North Carolina, the attorneys at Hill Law Firm have worked countless cases with the intent of providing clients the best possible outcome. We will carefully analyse demonstrative and documentary evidence as well as testimonies, consulting a number of experts to build your case.

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