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Federal Practices

Myron T. Hill, Jr. has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer in Greenville, NC for nearly 40 years. While committed to representing those charged in both the state and federal systems, Myron focuses on federal practices in the United States District Court – Eastern District of North Carolina. Those federal practices include drug trafficking offenses, federal tax, White collar and theft crimes, firearm offenses, violent crimes, Federal sex crimes, and other Federal crimes.

Navigating the federal court system can be a daunting challenge. Make sure that you have an experienced legal advocate to represent your case. The Hill Law Firm has been defending clients to obtain the best possible outcomes for nearly 40 years. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

– Drug Trafficking Offenses

When dealing with federal court and federal charges, the matter is always more serious. Federal courts often take up drug cases because drugs normally pass between state lines. … Learn More >

– Federal Tax, White Collar, and Theft Crimes

Almost no other matters in the criminal justice system are as heavily litigated as federal tax, white collar, and theft crimes. Our firm has been involved in some big cases incl… Learn More >

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– Firearm Offenses and Violent Crimes

Firearm and gun related charges are some of the most common charges seen in the federal system. Owning a gun is important in American society, but the misuse of firearms is take… Learn More >

– Federal Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes, and Other Federal Crimes

Sexual crimes charges are also on the rise in the federal system. Sex crimes are normally state matters, but the federal government has taken a big interest in very specific sex… Learn More >